A letter to my niece

Dear Lily,

I may not be able to play with you like your other aunt’s and uncle’s can. You may see me struggle with things that you don’t normally see people struggle with. I may not be able to protect you in the same way an abled person can. There will be some events I might miss because I won’t be able to participate in the same way your other aunt’s can.

What I can do is I can love you unconditionally. I’ll go to some events I can and have fun with you. I may not be able to protect you in the same way an abled person can, but I will keep you safe by not putting you in a situation that would put you in harm’s way.

I’ll give you advice in areas that maybe your other aunts don’t have knowledge in. School is tough and sometimes kids can be mean. If you ever need advice on how to handle a bully I would be a good person to talk to. Hopefully, we won’t need to have that discussion! If you are struggling in school and need help with homework I can help you when you are younger but when you get older I probably won’t be able to help anymore. You will be in more advanced courses I will not be familiar with but I can still encourage you. Lucky for you, you have many aunts and very smart parents so there will always be someone to help you.

Sometimes your parents may punish you and it may seem like they are being mean. In reality, they want to teach you right from wrong. If they didn’t do that you would continually do things you shouldn’t and you wouldn’t know the difference between right and wrong. You have wonderful parents and when they punish you they do it out of love because they want you to learn from your mistakes. Keeping you safe is their priority. Sometimes we have a tendency to do things without thinking that is dangerous but your mom and dad will protect you. It may seem like they are spoiling your fun but in reality, they are keeping you safe.

Lily, I am truly happy to become your aunt and cannot wait to see what the future holds. I will be your role model and will not do anything your parents would not approve of. I will always be there for you if you need to talk. If you ever get mad at your mom and dad because they made a decision you didn’t like just know they had a good reason for it. They don’t enjoy making your unhappy they want nothing but for you to be happy and so do I!


Auntie Sarah

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