How do you feel after a seizure?

Seizures can be very frustrating because sometimes you don’t know why they occurred. Medication can prevent most seizures, but it doesn’t guarantee you will never have any. In my experience, the after-effects of my seizures can be worse than the seizures themselves. I will explain some of the feelings I have after I have had a seizure.

Tiredness- Depending on how long my seizure was I will be very tired. Sometimes I will sleep for twenty to forty-eight hours if it was a really long one. With short seizures, I usually don’t have this problem. I usually only have this problem if I have a seizure that is thirty minutes or more.

Insomnia-  Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? You may be able to relate how tired you are the next day. Sometimes I have the opposite problem instead of being extremely tired I cannot sleep if my life depended on it. This usually only lasts a day or two so it won’t last long!

Questions-  Whenever I come out of a seizure and there are a bunch of people around me they have a tendency to ask me three hundred questions afterward. I get you are concerned and you want to know what happened but asking me right after I come out of one if not a good idea. I will not give you a straight answer. I will tell you anything to get you to stop asking questions. A lot of the time I have no idea what triggered it even if you wait you may not get the answer you were looking for.

Memory loss- If I had a long seizure, I don’t remember basic things like I have four sisters. So surrounding me with a bunch of people only is going to freak me out. If you can, don’t surround me with a bunch of people when I come out of a seizure.

Sensitive to noise- I don’t usually like loud noises but after a seizure, I am particularly sensitive to them. I like to listen to music on headphones on my iPod but, I cannot do that after I’ve had a seizure because I am too sensitive to sound. It doesn’t have to be very loud but to me, it sounds like its full volume when it’s not.

Seizures are not fun, but the good thing is my seizures are painless. The after-effects of my seizures can sometimes be worse than the seizures themselves because when I am having a seizure, as far as I am concerned I am just sleeping. Usually, the after-effects of my seizures don’t last more than three days or I may have no after-effects depending on how long the seizure was. The important thing is to know your triggers. For me, I also have to keep my anxiety at a normal level. It’s very important because if my anxiety gets out of control that can trigger seizures. It’s also important to take your medication. If you have any questions about how you feel after a seizure please leave them in the comments below!

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