Overcoming daily challenges


Overcoming daily challenges
This is my friend Karly there are more things that are difficult for her than they are for me but she still remains positive about it! That is why I love her because there are some things you cannot control.

Things can get hard with a disability, especially with many of the challenges we face. So how do we overcome these challenges? Well, we don’t overcome these challenges, you just find ways to adapt and make life easier. If you are a non-disabled person you may not realize how difficult some everyday tasks can be.

Adapting something does not end with ramps if you do not know someone who is disabled you may think that. I am going to show you some ways on how a person with a disability can adapt everyday skills.

Using a microwave- For an abled person that does not sound that hard but for someone with a disability that can be quite a challenge. A lot of microwaves are higher up and hard to reach. You can either get one that sits on a countertop or ask for help if you have one that is higher up.

Taking a shower- If you are in a wheelchair that is typically one of the most difficult tasks you have to do. Why? Because an abled person can just walk in the shower, but a person in a wheelchair will get a shower chair to do transfers since its harder and risks for falls because there is a lot of water.

Driving- If a person with a disability wanted to drive they would have to get a car adapted unless they are just visually impaired. For some instead of controlling the car with their foot, you control it with your hands.

Getting dressed- In my experience, the most difficult part of getting dressed is putting on a pair of pants. The rest is usually not that hard. Those that have a more serious disability may need assistance with getting dressed.

Brushing your hair- You may be thinking ‘what’? you can’t brush your own hair? I am perfectly capable of brushing my own hair, my disability does not limit that. But some disabilities require someone to help you with that task.

Having an itch?- I don’t have a problem with getting any of my itches again, my disability does not limit that. I have a friend named Karly and she has Muscular Dystrophy. Sometimes she has to have someone else scratch them for her. She doesn’t complain. There are some things you cannot control, it’s pointless to get upset over it.

Dropping something- Whenever I drop something it can be a pain to pick it up. Since there are certain muscle groups that do not work, it is a lot harder to bend down and pick something up. Sometimes either gravity takes over or something gives out.

Opening Doors- A lot of doors are very heavy and I have to use all my strength to open them. Once I open them, I also have to get through them so it can be difficult. Some disabilities, like what my friend Karly has, made it impossible to open doors so they have to wait for someone to open a door for them. Next time you see a person in a wheelchair, offer to hold the door for them. You never know if they are physically able to get the door themselves or if they have to wait for their companion.

You may think all of these things sound horrible, but really they are not. These are just everyday tasks and how we adapt to it. When a disabled person is having trouble with something, they ask for help and move on. We don’t dwell on it, at least I sure don’t. If you have any questions about adapting everyday tasks or would like to know anything more, please let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming daily challenges

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love your blog. I love how open you are, and I think it’s good for people to see that disabled people have feelings, too. My little sister has Prader-Willi syndrome, and while she is not physically disabled, she is significantly delayed mentally. Keep blogging, and keep being amazing!

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