What not to say to a disabled person suffering from depression

When you are disabled depression is very common, so sometimes you may go to a family member for help if it’s not severe! If the family member says the wrong thing they will not be helping you! They may mean well but in reality, they are just making you mad! I will explain a few things to avoid saying when you meet a person with a disability suffering from depression so you are able to help them instead of just making them mad!

I understand-  Do not say you understand what they are going through unless you have a disability and truly know what they are going through. People with disabilities get depressed for different reasons than an abled person would so by saying you understand if you are not disabled is only going to make a person angry! They will lose respect for you by saying a comment like this so instead of saying I understand say something like “I am sorry you are going through this what can I do to help?”

Life isn’t fair- There is a good chance that the person suffering from depression knows that life isn’t fair and they don’t need you to remind them of that. This will only cause a person with a disability to shut down so if you want to help refrain from saying it! Remarks like this should not be said to a person with a disability whether or not they are suffering from depression.

You should get out more- People with disabilities don’t just sit at home all day and wait until they die! I know a lot of people with disabilities who leave their house just as much as an abled person would. Never assume a person with a disability is depressed because they don’t get out of their house! Some people with disabilities rely on somebody else to take them places so when things like this are said to them it comes off as rude or insensitive. They have no control over when they are able to leave their house so getting out more is not an option! Instead of telling a person with a disability, they should get out more try to see what is actually causing their depression and then help them through it.

You have such a great life: What is there to be depressed about?- When a person with a disability is unemployed and not going to school sometimes people will assume their life is perfect. There are other things that can cause depression other than employment and school! Saying a comment like this is rude and insensitive especially if you are abled and you are saying it to a person with a disability because you don’t know what they are going through. Even though somebody is unemployed and lives at home does not mean they have a great life with no worries what so ever!

Sometimes abled people say things to a person with a disability that they may think are helping but in reality, it is not. If you meet a person with a disability that is struggling with depression don’t try to help them if you aren’t sure how because you may make it worse if you say the wrong thing. Instead of trying to help direct them to someone who can help them! If you have severe depression, there is no shame in getting help from an expert no one is going to judge you! We all need help from time to time, so it is okay to get help if you need it! If you have any questions about things you should avoid saying to a person with disability suffering from depression please leave them in the comments below!

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