How Spina Bifida has changed me as a person

When you are disabled, you may have different traits than if you were abled! If you were abled, you would be a completely different person and most likely have different traits and interests. I will show you some traits that I have because of Spina Bifida.

Rejection- A lot of abled people get frustrated when they get turned down from one or two jobs, and they start to think they will never find one. I have been rejected from more jobs than I can count so when I am rejected from one I get over it pretty quick. When I go into an interview, I always go in with the thinking that I may not get hired so if I don’t I am not too upset about it!

Patience-When you are disabled, you have to deal with things that an abled person does not! Things, like discrimination and finding a way to do challenging tasks, can sometimes get very frustrating! An abled person may deal with discrimination but not to the extent a person with a disability has! I have become more patient with the general public because of some of the things I have to deal with every day.

Unexpected events- When I need an unexpected surgery, I don’t get too upset about it because I know these things happen sometimes. If I was abled I would probably react differently if I ever needed one because I would not need as many and would not know what to expect!

Creativity- Life can get difficult sometimes, and you may need to adapt some things to make your life easier! I am not artistically creative but when it comes to finding ways to making my life easier I am very creative! I have come up with so many ways to make my life easier and without my disability, there would be no need for this skill!

Anxiety- A lot of my anxiety is related to my disability so if I was not disabled there is a good chance I would not have this problem.

Self-motivated- When it comes to making my own decisions I am a self-motivated person! If someone makes a big decision for me I will most likely end up giving up when things get difficult! If I make the decision, myself I will be more motivated to succeed than I would be if someone else made the decision for me!

These traits are what make me who I am and without Spina Bifida, I would be a completely different person! Some people struggle with finding the good things about their disability that is okay. If that is the case make a list of all the positive traits and interests you have because of your disability. When you are disabled sometimes, you get opportunities that you would not get if you were abled even though life can get challenging sometimes it still can have its perks! What traits do you think I would have if I were abled? If you have any questions about how Spina  Bifida has changed me as a person, please leave them in the comments below.









8 thoughts on “How Spina Bifida has changed me as a person

  1. Hiya, would love to hear about some of your creative ideas! – life seems to be all about problem solving with disability, doesn’t it!


  2. I’m glad you like it. Some people don’t realize that disabilities or any chronic health condition may change a person but not all change is bad!


  3. I was born i with Spina Bifida as well and it is nice for me to hear another persons views on the topic. I also feel like I have developed qualities because of my Spina Bifida especially a sense of focusing on the important things in life. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Thank you so much for this post. My daughter has Spina Bifida. She is two years old and we are just now entering into lots of the stuff…staff, waivers, wheelchairs, therapy etc. It is overwhelming and I worry about her. Thank you for your sharing your positive ideas and energy.


  5. When I worked as a community advice & support worker, I had a client with Spina Bifida and it was so eye-opening to me as it was a condition I knew so little about. Thank you for sharing this and raising awareness, your honesty and openness is a great way of reaching out to others and educating those without the condition too.x

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