How I stay healthy

If you have neglected your health, you may be thinking of ways of how you can get healthy! There are so, many ways that you can get healthy but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Before you panic, I will give you a few simple tips that may help you get healthier that won’t break the bank.

Drink ice water right after waking- If you are a coffee drinker and suddenly ran out that can be a serious problem! Going days or weeks without coffee when you are used to it can cause some serious caffeine headaches! Instead of running to the store and buying coffee drink sixteen-ounces of ice water because it will have the same effect as that cup of coffee will! This method will only work right after you wake up so drinking it in the afternoon when you would normally have your second cup of coffee will not work. If you are trying to cut back on caffeine or cut it out all together this will help with preventing those caffeine headaches.

Drink black coffee- I drink my coffee black to save calories because sometimes we don’t realize how much extra calories we are consuming from the sugar we add to our coffee. Sometimes I crave something sweet and those times I will add creamer to my coffee but most of the time I drink it black to save calories!

Make exercise a priority- For those of you who are able to exercise make it a priority! I schedule my workouts and treat it like it’s like an important meeting or appointment! There are so many forms of exercise that are so good for you find what’s right for you and start doing it if you haven’t already.

Watch my sugar!- Before I buy something I read the nutrition facts to see how much sugar is in that product. Even though something says it’s natural that doesn’t mean it’s healthy because that could mean they loaded it with sugar. There are some natural products that are very healthy for you but some that aren’t always read labels just to be sure!

Listen to my cravings- I don’t go on diets instead I create a healthy lifestyle change. There is nothing wrong with going on a diet but they are usually temporary and every time I have gone on one I end up going back to my old habits. When I am craving something I eat whatever I am craving. If I want chocolate I eat chocolate but in moderation! I have gotten better results with making healthy lifestyle changes because these changes are not temporary but permanent.

Don’t eat when I’m depressed- When you’re depressed you typically are not paying attention to how many calories you are consuming. Instead of consuming unnecessary calories I do some sort of physical activity that helps me forget about why I was depressed. If you are unable to do any physical activity doing things like going for a walk around your neighborhood or calling a friend might help. Find something that makes you feel good but whatever you do stay out of the kitchen!

Sleep- When you only have had four hours of sleep it will affect your ability to get stuff done! Food that I don’t normally crave I crave when I am sleep deprived. I try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, but sometimes insomnia makes that difficult. If you are suffering from insomnia creating a sleep schedule may help because it gets your body back into a routine of resting and waking hours. Sometimes when the weekends come around, we go to bed really late, but in order for a sleep schedule to work, you need to try to stick to it as much as possible!

Are you bored or hungry?- Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell if you are bored or if you are hungry. Here is a simple test that you can try, drink a cup of water before every meal and if you are still hungry after you drank the cup of water then you probably are hungry. If not you probably are just bored and don’t need to eat! If you are trying to avoid any unnecessary calories knowing the difference between when your bored and when your hungry can be very helpful.

There are many things you can do to stay healthy, but these are just a few things I do to stay healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it does take some hard work! I chose to live a healthy lifestyle because I feel better than if I were to eat junk food all the time! How do you stay healthy? If you have any questions about how I stay healthy please leave them in the comments below.

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