Last-minute birthday ideas

Next week is my birthday which is crazy because I remember my birthday last year and now I have to have another one! Sometimes when my birthday comes around people struggle with finding me a gift so here is a list of ideas to make it a little bit easier.

Bath soaps-  My migraines can sometimes get pretty intense and finding something that provides relief can sometimes be difficult. I am hoping that taking baths will help. For those of you who are considering buying me bath soaps please note that I have skin sensitivities to a lot of Bath and Body Works products.

Nothing- I probably have forgotten more birthdays than I can count! It usually is not on purpose but is because no one available to take me shopping. Planning trips far enough in advance that someone is available can be difficult and sometimes never happens. Since I forget birthdays a lot of the time all I ask is you acknowledge my existence and I won’t hold it against you!

Essential oils- Things like Tylenol are not effective for my chronic pain. If you want to get me something that provides a small amount of relief essential oils is a perfect gift! They don’t always work but they are more effective than Tylenol and that is why I highly recommend them!

Grab bar- Getting in and out of the shower has always been difficult and getting a grab would make it easier!  Getting me a grab bar, so I have something to hold onto that isn’t just the wall will be very helpful with preventing falls!

Take me somewhere new- Take me to a movie I haven’t seen, national park or maybe a new mall. Having to do the same activities every day can sometimes get boring but when you have a disability you may not have control over what activities you can do. Taking me to a new place is a real privilege and doesn’t have to break the bank!

Call/ text me- Any Facebook status people leave for me on my birthday I never remember! If you leave me a personal message such as a text, private message or phone call I can guarantee you I will remember it. Private messages are more personable and that is why I prefer to send birthday texts that way! If you can’t hang out with me on my birthday that’s okay I am not going to hold anything against you for it! Most of the time my birthday falls on a weekday and people have jobs so hanging out is not usually an option. When you don’t even acknowledge my birthday that is what bothers me!

Manicures- Manicures are always more fun with others! I love manicures but somebody is not always available to take me!

If you are struggling with finding a gift for me these are just a few ideas that hopefully will help! As long as I get to spend some of my birthdays with friends and family that is all I really care about! Birthdays are about celebrating another year of life not about getting greedy with all the stuff you got! If you have any questions about last-minute birthday ideas please leave them in the comments below!




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