Workouts for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness professional and these are just workouts I have personally benefitted from. With any workout, there is always the possibility of getting injured I am not liable for these injuries and any actions you take you are doing so at your own risk. Before you start a new workout routine always make sure you check with your doctor.


It is hard to get a good cardio workout when you have significant limited mobility. This seated workout shows you how you can get a good cardio workout while also combining strength training. This workout does not require any weights but don’t be fooled it’s harder than you may think. Don’t believe me? Give this workout a try and see for yourself! If you did think it was easy you can always add weights or do the video more than one time. I’ve personally never gotten fatigued from doing one workout video!

This workout doesn’t work? Don’t let Cassey’s bubbly personality fool you! That was what I originally thought when I did my first Blogilates video but to my surprise, they were much harder than I had anticipated(after completing my first Blogilates video I was sore for three days) Cassey very rarely incorporates weights in her routines but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. In this video, Cassey is standing but it can totally be done in the seated position I never do them standing and I still get just as good of a workout! Give the video a try to see for yourself. If you try this video and think to yourself this is easy, Cassey recommends doing her videos four times through if that is your only workout of the day.

Have you just started to work out again? You may not be ready for some of the advanced workouts that YouTube has to offer and that is okay. This may be the workout for you Cassey takes you through a beginner’s upper body workout! This video does not require weights but can always be incorporated if you would like.

Do you get bored while working out? I totally get it before I started Blogilates I had the same problem. Cassey’s mission is to make fitness fun and this video does just that. This song challenge is no more than three to four minutes but is one of my favorites because it is so fun to do. This is not a beginner’s workout so if you are just starting out this workout may not be for you. If you aren’t a beginner give this video a try you may discover you like it just as much as I do!

Workouts are not out of the question if you have limited mobility or are a wheelchair user you just may have to do them differently. Some wheelchair users will not benefit from these workouts and if that is the case find something else that you can enjoy.  Some exercises may be difficult for you to do so you may have to modify them. Modify them as you see fit there is nothing to be embarrassed about because who cares if it looks different or somewhat goofy if you are happy and enjoy it that’s all that really matters! Its okay to ask your peers for their opinion on something but don’t let them tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing because it looks weird.  If you have any questions about my favorite workout videos please leave them in the comments below.


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