Chronic pain myths you need to stop believing!

When you have chronic pain all you want is relief! Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get that relief because doctors may not be able to figure out what is causing your pain so finding an effective treatment plan may be difficult. Medical advancements are making it possible for more patients to live a pain-free life but unfortunately, there are still so many conditions that are not yet understood making it difficult for doctors to find effective treatments for some patients. There are so many myths when it comes to dealing and treating chronic pain here are the most common myths you need to stop believing!

We are drug seekers- We just want pain relief! Although some chronic pain sufferers may take opioids to control their pain and keep it at a manageable level we don’t seek these drugs out and typically use them as a last resort! Opioids can cause excessive tiredness, difficulty concentrating, memory problems and make it difficult to carry on a normal life so unless it’s absolutely necessary and there are no other options we look for alternatives before resorting to opioids.

You’ll get addicted-  There will be some people who get addicted to medications like opioids which saddens me because the people who really need them and take them responsibly have a really hard time getting them. Chronic pain sufferers rely on their medication to keep their pain bearable so when it is taken away from them(without a reason) it can be frustrating because there is not always another medication that can treat their pain as effectively as their current one does. Chronic pain sufferers just want pain relief and although it is possible to get addicted to your medication if you are under the care of a qualified medical professional, taking your medication responsibly and telling your doctor of any changes it is unlikely this will happen.

Exercise will make it better- There are so many benefits to exercising but it won’t necessarily cure you of your chronic pain. It may actually make you more miserable so always take extreme caution when exercising with chronic pain. Personally, I feel worse after I exercise so I don’t do it as much anymore but for some, it may help relieve your symptoms. When exercising with chronic pain always be mindful of your pain levels and if necessary adapt your exercise routine to make it doable for you.

Just be positive it’s all in the mind- Constant pain that affects your daily activities is most likely not in your head and should not be ignored and should always be checked out by a doctor. Positivity will help get you through a tough day but will not do miracles with getting pain relief but that is done by finding the root cause of your pain and taking action! Document any pain triggers and if necessary seek help from a medical professional to find an effective pain management plan that best fits your needs.

Ignore the pain and it will go away- If you suspect you have any serious medical conditions then you need to seek treatment ASAP. If your hunch is right and you do have something serious it will most likely not disappear on its own and may need to be treated. Untreated pain is usually a way of your body trying to tell you something is wrong and should never be ignored because it will most likely not just go away on its own but could, in fact, get worse. Get the pain treated before it becomes difficult to treat because it is always easier to treat something early on than it would be if you waited until you were in unbearable pain!

You went to an event yesterday- Making plans is nearly impossible when you have chronic pain because you never know if the day of your plans if your pain is going to be a tolerable level. Every day is different so even though today you may feel like you can conquer the world tomorrow you may barely be able to get out of bed!

Chronic pain sufferers exaggerate their pain- Chronic pain sufferers want to live as normal of a life as possible so as much as you may think we are exaggerating our pain actually we are doing the opposite. Chronic pain sufferers typically downplay their pain so they may actually be in more pain than they are letting on. We just want to be treated normally and unfortunately, that is not the case when we announce our pain levels!

You’re lazy- Chronic pain takes everything out of you and sometimes we just don’t have the energy to do anything but that does not make us lazy! Our pain levels are making it so we can’t get much done if anything at all so what you perceive as laziness is actually us trying to keep our pain levels at a tolerable level.

Even though someone doesn’t look like they are in pain that doesn’t mean they are pain-free and if you paid close attention you may be able to pick up some cues that someone is actually is in pain. What does pain look like anyway? Exactly! There is no look because pain is invisible! Are they moving slower than usual? Are they neglecting self-care? Have they lost their sense of humor? Have they been isolating themselves and avoiding conversation? These are all indicators someone could have high pain levels. Chronic pain is no walk in the park and at times you may think to yourself why do I even try but always remember

You may not be able to control the pain but don’t let it control you!

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