How to overcome life’s biggest setbacks

This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it could benefit you in some way. 

Setbacks, pitfalls, and tragic events come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, however,  they do have one thing in common the timing is terrible! From getting diagnosed with an illness, losing your job or a loved, or going through a breakup each event is painful not only physically but mentally as well. When you’re having a setback it can be difficult to see all the positives about a situation because nothing is going the way it should be so you may start thinking negatively by telling yourself it will never be the same again. Being aware of these negative feelings is a process but with some encouragement, positivity, and hope these feelings should lessen in no time! 


Whether you’ve lost a friend to cancer, or were hit by a car and now your hand has been injured beyond repair, you need to mourn however you see fit. Everyone has different coping strategies on how they deal with grief or loss so as long as you do not have any suicidal thoughts or actions there is no set way on how you should deal with grief or loss. The most important thing is to not bottle up your feelings because it will make you more depressed and if you are suffering from serious depression talk to a friend and of course don’t hesitate to speak to a mental health professional if you feel it is necessary. 

Self Care

Self- care is so important for your overall well-being but unfortunately when people experience setbacks set such as a life-threatening illness they start to neglect their self-care. Self-care should be your number one priority but when unfortunate events happen most people don’t prioritize their self-care. Unfortunate events can get the best of anyone and unfortunately because of that our self-care usually takes a hit! Whether you have been diagnosed with a permanent disability, lost a loved or are going through a break up make sure your taking care of yourself. Although skipping a few exercise sessions is not going to kill you giving up on it completely when you once enjoyed it is going to make you lose all the progress you may have made with your exercises and make you even more frustrated than if you were to just push through the frustration. And for what? Nothing! Even if it’s just five to ten minutes a day on self-care that will make all the difference in the world! 

Moving On

Moving on from a long-lasting friendship, or coping with loss can be difficult but there is no right or wrong way of dealing with it there are just different ways that each person deals with them. For example, someone recovering from an accident may not feel ready to jump into a full-time position immediately following the recovery of their accident so they may opt for something a little less stressful like a part-time position until they feel fully recovered and can handle a full-time job! Divorces can be stressful so you may want to start incorporating cycling into your lifestyle to help lower your stress level. 

Life has many setbacks the most important thing is that you learn how to come back from them and that you don’t dwell in the past and wish that things were different. It’s okay to grieve and its actually healthy to do so but eventually, you have to get past it and move on and take care of yourself. By allowing yourself to grieve, making time for self-care and participating in daily activities that help you move on you are guaranteed to overcome these setbacks. If you have any questions about how to overcome setbacks please leave them in the comments below.




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