My biggest blogging pet peeves!

Through my blogging journey, I have made it my mission to build a community with people who actually enjoy my blog and want to read it. Blogging is about building a community of people who like and want to read your posts but unfortunately, not all bloggers see it that way and it’s all about competing to see who’s better and a numbers game! As I continue to try and grow my community I make it a habit to visit other blogs but through doing and running my own blog I have noticed there are a few things about blogging that stressed me out or just annoy me in general.

I just followed you I’d appreciate a follow back- Talk about pressure! I see the good intentions in this because we are all trying to improve our follower count but when you send me a message saying I just followed you I’d appreciate a follow back that tells me my content isn’t really of interest to you and that doesn’t make me want to follow you. We are all here to support each other but pressuring someone to follow you may give you a high follower count but will not give you a very engaging audience because half of your followers are only following you to improve there follower count!  If someone follows me I always check out their blog and if I like what I see I follow them otherwise I don’t. If you truly want to grow your community organically and build a community with people who actually want to read your blog then comment on other blogs and talk with bloggers in your niche.

Not responding to comments- When I visit your blog and leave a nice comment and you don’t even bother to respond to it if I was considering following your blog I’m not anymore! When you don’t respond to readers comments it makes them feel like you are ignoring them and not taking your job seriously. Bloggers make an effort to respond to all comments not just some of them because even a simple like shows you read the comment and appreciated it.

When legitimate blogs are reported- It breaks my heart when people report legitimate blogs to Facebook or Twitter because they are envious of their success.  I work really hard to make my blog the best it can possibly be and I would be devasted if someone reported it because they were envious of my success. Every blogger has a unique different perspective on life so instead of making it your life’s mission to destroy them work on improving your content and making it the best it can possibly be.

Ads at rapid fire- I use ads to make a little extra income to help make my blog better so I totally understand why bloggers use them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I visit a blog and there are so many ads I can’t avoid them. Bloggers when you have ads at rapid-fire and your readers cannot avoid them then you could end up losing readers. If you want to use ads but don’t want to risk losing readers then you need to strategically place them on your blog and make it possible for readers to avoid them.  Some bloggers don’t make much from ads but if you want to explore this as a potential way to make money then you need to think smart about it and do it strategically because otherwise your readers may just get annoyed and stop reading your posts!

No way to contact you– When I find a new blog that I am interested in following but have to search for the follow button you better believe I’m not hanging out long. Your contact information should be easily accessible for readers and if they have to search for it they will most likely get frustrated and leave.

Blogging is fun but sometimes the pressure that others put on you can be a bit overwhelming. Building a community is more important than having a large follower count because it doesn’t matter if you have one-thousand followers if your audience never engages with you your blog will never grow! An engaging audience is extremely important and although pressuring people to follow you may be done with good intentions it is not helping you if half your followers never engage with your posts. Find your tribe that actually likes and wants to read your posts and you will do great things! Bloggers, what are your pet peeves?

8 thoughts on “My biggest blogging pet peeves!

  1. For the most part, I follow I everyone that follows me unless I don’t really have any interest in your content and have no intentions of reading it. Blogging shouldn’t be all about the numbers and if I follow someone just to increase my follow count not only is it not helpful because I won’t be reading or engaging in any of your posts but it also doesn’t feel genuine!

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  2. Luckily, I have never had someone send me a message to tell me they’d appreciate a follow back. Maybe it’s just me but that would not work. I try to follow everyone back, if I miss someone, usually I realize and follow back. You’re right. It would make me feel like I was just a number and not a connection.


  3. Thank you! You will need to go into your current theme and customize it and add a follow button. Once you add that it will be much easier for you to grow your following because it will be easier for readers to subscribe to your email list. Blogging is definitely a learning curve but you will get the hang of it.


  4. Enjoyable post. I have one question. You mentioned that I can gather bloggers contacts. How can I do that (kind of new so sorry ahah)?

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  5. Yes, that has to be my biggest blogging pet peeve! Although I see the good intention in following people cause they followed you I have a tendency to ignore comments like these cause they aren’t genuine.

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  6. I agree with everything, especially number 1 and the last one. I can’t remember how many times advertisements annoyed me that much that I just closed the page and moved on.
    The same thing is on social networks like instagram where people follow you and unfollow to remain with more followers. Who has time for those things?

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