How to keep your friends when you have political differences

As elections are quickly approaching us I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to vote! As much as I love having the right to vote election season can be quite stressful. Sometimes people get mean and let their political views get in the way of their friendships and something really great falls apart. It really saddens me that some people let this happen because it is totally possible to have friends that have completely different political views than you do. Most all my friends have different political views than I do and we are still closer than ever because we don’t let that get in the way of the great thing we already have. Want to know how to keep your friends during the election season? I think it’s important that you keep your friends during election season so today I am going to share with you a few tips that will help keep your friendships strong.

Remember why you are friends-  One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you when you and your friends have political differences is to remember why you became friends. What is it about that person that made it so you wanted to spend more time with them? Is it their personality or are they just a fun person to be around? Chances are you are not friends because of their political views so don’t let something great get in the way of that. It’s okay to disagree on something but everything doesn’t have to be up for debate especially if it’s driving you away from your friends!

Talk about something else- If you simply cannot have a friendly conversation without it turning into an ugly debate then don’t! Everything does not have to be an ugly debate and if you always feel like you always need the last word and will do whatever it takes to win an argument then maybe you shouldn’t be talking about certain things. Sometimes walking away is what’s best for your friendship because winning an argument doesn’t always prove anything!

Respect your friend’s opinion- Everyone has different political views and there is nothing wrong with that! Don’t make your friend feel like a lesser human being because they voted differently than you did. Verbally attacking your friend of their political views is hurtful and may drive you apart and although ending friendships may not affect in the heat of the moment it will hit you once you have cooled down and you will regret it! Have a friendly discussion and listen, respect their opinion. You don’t have to agree you just need to show your support and make sure your friend knows you are always there for them regardless of their political views.

There are a lot of different views when it comes to politics which is great but what saddens me is when people let it get out of hand and end friendships because of it. Losing friends because of their political views is so stupid so next time you say something hurtful because of someone’s political views you really need to ask yourself “is it worth losing my friends just so I can get my point across? No, it isn’t! Your friends don’t spend time with you because of your political views they like you because of who you are. Don’t you ever forget that because the moment you do is when everything will fall apart! Who cares if you don’t agree with who’s in office but that shouldn’t affect the relationship you have with your friends. Do you have friends with different political views? How do you make it work?

Don’t fall out with friends over politics! 

2 thoughts on “How to keep your friends when you have political differences

  1. Thank you, it’s really important when elections come around we don’t let that get in the way of our relationships. I enjoyed seeing you and can’t wait until your next visit:)


  2. Hey dear Sarah, This a timely and important post for all of us. Canada’s upcoming federal election and the continuing discussion on gun violence in the US finds many of us struggling with the controversy. Your post is an excellent reminder that we will continue to love and respect one another as we always have, despite our differences. Keep writing! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love. Love.


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