I found a new hobby!

Disclaimer: Today I will be reviewing a product that I purchased and ended up really enjoying. I was not compensated for buying this product or writing this review so all opinions are my own! I truly felt that this review could benefit you in some way if you are looking for a new hobby. I hope you enjoy!

When I started blogging I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to read but it didn’t take me long to figure out that, people are actually reading my blog. That is when I became obsessed with blogging and I did nothing else. My routine consisted of waking up writing or planning blog posts or updating old posts and then doing it all over again. Which is fine you want to try and improve your blog the best you can but if you are not doing anything else except blogging it can be unhealthy! About a week my sister needed to go Hobby Lobby to get some things and she asked me if I wanted to go and I was like why not? I might find something I might not! It turns I did find a craft that is not related to blogging at all so today I am going to review that product.

What is this craft?- I found something called Diamond Dotz and it’s kind of like a paint by number with jewels. I have a lot of paint by number apps on my tablet so I do stuff like this all the time so the moment I saw it I was very interested and bought two! Good thing I ended liking it because I don’t know what I would have done with two crafts I didn’t like and it is likely that even if someone returned for me they would have to go out of their way.  Even if I really didn’t like it and wanted to sell it online to make it more convenient I would still have to go up to my local postal service to have it mailed once it was sold. Whether or not I returned it to the store or sold it myself it would most likely not be convenient for anyone and that is why I always feel bad doing it.

20190919_090436 (1)

This is what the craft looks like when you open it. There is a clear white film on top to protect the project because the actual project is sticky so the jewels stick on easily. It is not advisable to take the film completely off but to only peel off the area, you are working on. Once you finish the project you should still keep the film on to protect it.  There is a color code on the side of the project to so you know what color jewel goes where.  The print is very small and difficult to read at times so I think it can definitely be improved by making it a little bit larger.

The project comes with jewels, little bags, and one tray so you can sort them while you are working! The tray is very handy in helping me spread some beads but has far as the little bags go they are great for storage but that is about all they are good for. The bags are not big enough and very difficult to handle so if you only need one or two beads from one color you can forget it!  My suggestion for the creators of this craft is to make the spaces and the jewels bigger because some people with visual disabilities who enjoy craft like this might have difficulties doing it and choose a different project. Parents who have young kids that like to put things in their mouth can also not choose projects like this because if they drop a bead and their kids find them before they do it can be a serious problem.


It comes with a wax and pen to help make the beads stick better but in my experience, the pen nor the wax makes anything easier so I just use my finger and it works much faster. I coat the beads very well like the directions say but I still don’t see any differences. Using the pen and wax only makes me feel very frustrated so I don’t use it. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe it doesn’t work as well as the directions say it does. If it does work as well as it says it does in the directions making it more clear on how to use the pen might be more helpful. 20190919_100812

This is a tedious project but overall it is a fun little craft that will keep you entertained if you are up to it! This project isn’t for everyone and if you don’t like tedious projects this will not be a good choice for you but for me personally, I like them and find it very therapeutic. I don’t like painting because it’s too much work to clean up and I am a perfectionist so if it doesn’t come out perfect I will be upset and put it to the shredder. All projects can be improved and there are none that I would say are perfect in every way.  Hopefully in the near future, they will improve this project to make it easier for some people to do but for now, I enjoy it and will continue to work on this project. What hobbies do you do in your spare time?

2 thoughts on “I found a new hobby!

  1. Wow. A lot of people are really getting into that diamond dots. Diamond painting. I hear and see a lot about it


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