Health Update And Planned Blogging Break

In a little over two weeks, I am having surgery and for those of you following me on Twitter, you would know that because I put out a call on Monday for guest bloggers since I will be inactive on my blog and social media beginning Monday, February 24th. I didn’t think I was going to get many responses from this at all because I usually don’t but this time I got people who graciously volunteered to help which makes my heart so happy because this what community looks like. Thank You! My stress was almost immediately lowered as soon as I started getting responses because I knew my blog would be okay and I didn’t have to worry about it. I don’t know any bloggers who don’t constantly worry about their blogs even if they don’t have to take a blogging break. Knowing you have to walk away from your blog for a few weeks is no news any blogger wants to hear but sometimes we have no choice and what we have to do to get better. In the tweet, I strictly just asked for guest bloggers because I was having surgery but never said stated why and some of you may have a lot of questions as to why I can’t blog and what I am having done. I think it’s fair to give you an explanation and answer some questions you may have.

I have always encouraged people to blog while recovering from surgery because it kills time and gives you another option that isn’t watching television all day but for some types of surgeries, even blogging is going to be challenging and not an option which for me will be the case this time. My vesicostomy (stoma connected to my bladder) needs a revision which is abdominal surgery and if anyone has ever had this type of operation or anything like it you would know that you have to lay low for a while because you can’t sit up without being in excruciating pain. I have to take a break not because I ran out of ideas or don’t have the mental compacity to do so but I will be unable sit up to write them and unless I found someone who was willing to input my blog posts, edit them, and create images which I would never ask of someone because it would be a full-time job so it’s not even in the cards. Technically I could blog from my cellphone lying down but it would take three times as long and my blog posts would look sloppy and I never comprise the quality of my posts just to get a post out so I will not be doing that. Sometimes people ask me was there anything else that could have been done that could have prevented this surgery? Unfortunately no there isn’t and all the other options we have tried that didn’t require any incisions have been done and had little to no effect. It bums me out a little that these other methods didn’t work but we weren’t too hopeful and these things happen. You have two choices: ignore and live with it or take action and have it addressed.

Beginning Monday, February 24th I will no longer be active on social media and as much as I would like to plan posts for my entire recovery because of chronic pain and migraines realistically I am doubtful that I will have posts planned out for my entire recovery but will be pretty darn impressed if I am able to. Posts made during my recovery will either be guest posts or ones that I have previously written and no new content will be created. I will do my best to get as many posts scheduled as I can but please don’t expect tons of new stuff because you will be sadly disappointed. All comments will get a response but will also be delayed unless I happened to have looked at my phone when you submitted the comment. I will blog full-time up until the day of surgery but once it has arrived it will be as if I disappeared off the face of this earth.  I usually recover from surgery pretty quickly and probably won’t be gone longer than two to three weeks but just like any surgery there is always the possibility of there being complications and I could be gone longer Fingers crossed there won’t be any complications and I will be back by the end of March!

I still am looking for guest bloggers and if you are willing and able to submit a guest post to me by 11 p.m. Sunday, February 23rd it would mean the world to me and help keep this blog alive while I’m away! I will not be able to schedule a post the day of surgery and any post submitted after February 23rd will still be published but will not go live until after I make a full recovery. I will put out reminders on my social media on the 23rd so if you volunteered no worries about forgetting about this date. If you want to help keep this blog alive during my recovery please contact me at, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram


4 thoughts on “Health Update And Planned Blogging Break

  1. Thank you, I am trying to remind myself of that and to be totally honest I don’t think my blog will be affected that much by taking a few weeks off because it hasn’t in the past but it is still frustrating knowing you have to take a break when you shouldn’t have to. I am not stressing too much about getting tons of content prewritten because the official surgery date is Monday, February 24th which is only two weeks away and I don’t want to add any extra stress. It’s always nice to get a few posts scheduled but if I can’t I won’t lose sleep over it because my blog will still be here when I return. I will for sure be popping in every once in a while during my recovery reading posts from my favorite bloggers and commenting on my blogs which will make the recovery process a little bit easier and go by faster.


  2. Aww I’m so sorry you’re having to go back for an op – glutton for punishment! I don’t want to pry and ask what’s going on, but what date is it? Taking a step back seems sensible and logical, but I get what you mean. I’ve hated the thought of taking a break even when I’ve really needed to. But it’ll be here whenever you’re ready and you don’t have to do posts and such, just drop in and see other blogs or check out your comments to remember you’re not alone. I’m always around too, if ever you want to talk just drop me an email (no pressure of course, totally understand if you don’t want to). Focus on YOU, your health, keep your stress levels down, all of this blog stuff will be fine, just make sure you’re okay. Wishing you all the very, very best lovely  ♥
    Caz xxxx


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