Guest post: Three times inaccessibility had a negative impact on my life

  Accessibility does not end at ramps and when you are not easily accessible for a disabled person we feel excluded and it can have a huge negative impact on us. There have been a few times when Karly has had to deal with inaccessibility and today she explains how it negatively affected her. Growing [...]


Guest post: Differently abled

This month's guest post was written by one of my loving grandparents Lynn Mallette I hope you enjoy it! Interesting terms; disabled, abled, handicap, able and now differently able. I heard a story recently about animals that were being called “differently able”. The term referred to their disabilities. Some were born without limbs, partial limbs [...]

Guest post: How Muscular Dystrophy shaped me as a person

Having a disability that progressively gets worse over time isn't all cupcakes and rainbows but it is not as depressing as you may think. Disability changes a person and without it, you would be a completely different person. My friend Karly explains how Muscular Dystrophy has shaped her as a person. Check it out! I [...]

Guest post: Parenting A Child With Disabilities What Adam Has Taught Me

About the Author: Judy Mallette is the mother of three children.  She learned very early on that children, abled or disabled, teach us more than we can ever teach them. The lessons started, and will never really end, on November 16, 1981. Her son, Adam, was a child with severe developmental disabilities compounded by epilepsy, congenital [...]

Guest post: Chronic illness as an expat: my chronic illness story

My blog is all about educating you about different disabilities and conditions. Chronic illnesses and disabilities are very different but very important subjects so I asked my friend Alessia to tell her story about living with a chronic illness. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a daunting experience. While often not fatal, it changes [...]