Lessons I learned from three failed friendships

When you are in high school often times you think the people you hang out with every day are going to be your life-long friends. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and most of the people you hang out with in high school you will never see again after you graduate. From my high [...]


When your friends don’t believe your disability exists

My last friendship did not end well because one of my friends did not understand my migraines and she thought they could be easily treated through medication.  Instead of asking me for more information about my disability she assumed Hydrocephalus wasn't a thing and called me psycho and accused me of making up a disability [...]

Four things I do when I am not blogging

Everyone needs a break from time to time! Building a blog takes time and consistency but doing it 24/7 won't necessarily build your blog faster but may actually do the opposite. Taking a few short breaks every now and then can be really beneficial and help you recharge come up with new ideas if you're [...]

How to help a friend who is suffering from depression

When you are disabled it is not uncommon to suffer from depression but unfortunately, not everyone can afford therapy and sometimes we just have to learn how to cope with our depression. When your friends suffer from depression it can hard to watch because you want to help but you may not know how or [...]

How do you support a blogger?

Is reading a bloggers post enough to get them noticed? Reading posts helps bloggers increase their engagement but unfortunately, it takes a lot more effort to get noticed. Smaller bloggers have a particularly hard time getting themselves out there because often times they don't know what to do to take their blog to the next [...]

Dating with a disability: What does the future hold?

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it could benefit you in some way.  Conversations about the future are a feature of any budding relationship. They’re the best way to tell if you’re both on the same page. They’re also a fantastic judge [...]