The friend who caused some serious emotional damage contacted me and what she said was shocking!

As some of you know my blog exists because most all my friends were very negative and I needed a support group that was positive and supportive of my goals.  Having negative friends can make you feel depressed and affect you in more ways than you realize. One friend, in particular, stands out because we [...]


Easy Self-Care Tips You Need To Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle!

Selfcare is extremely important for your mental health and it's crucial that we make time for it!  Often times we spend more time trying to improve the lives of others than we take for ourselves and although there is nothing with wanting to help someone in need and you should want to do that but [...]

Mental health bloggers, you need to be following!

Depression and anxiety are often overlooked and misunderstood as sadness or not getting out enough. There is so much more to depression and anxiety than just being sad or lonely all the time and unfortunately, it is more complicated than that and there is much more to it. If you have depression or anxiety and [...]

How teachers can better connect with their disabled students

When I was in school I always felt left out because there was always some activity I couldn't do. Very rarely were their appropriate modifications so most of the time I just ended up watching my classmates do some fun activity.  Finding friends was difficult because my classmates always thought I was the weird girl [...]

How to keep your friends when you have political differences

As elections are quickly approaching us I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to vote! As much as I love having the right to vote election season can be quite stressful. Sometimes people get mean and let their political views get in the way of their friendships and something really great falls [...]

How to create a fitness routine when you’re disabled

  Finding a fitness routine when you are abled is difficult but when you are disabled it can be even more challenging. For that reason, some disabled people don't work out because it's such a hassle. Sometimes a disabled person will put more effort into finding the right workout routine and less time enjoying the [...]