Have you been shamed for taking medication?

When you are disabled or chronically ill taking medication will most likely be part of your life. Medications are what you need to functions but unfortunately, most people who aren't disabled or chronically ill don't understand that. All they see is us popping pills so they will start asking us questions like have you tried [...]


How to tell your tell child they are not getting better

One of the toughest things other than being by my bedside through countless surgeries and putting my life in the hands of a physician that my parents had to discuss with me was that I was not going to get better. Most parents of disabled children will need to have this conversation because kids will [...]

Life lessons you need to teach your kids about disability

Abled and disabled people should both make an effort to learn about different disabilities and educating our kids about them but unfortunately, a lot of parents do not know anyone who is disabled so they don't think it's important to educate their kids on different disabilities. Educating your children on disabilities is just as important [...]

How can physicians have a more positive impact on disabled people?

Are you disabled or chronically ill and have very bitter feelings towards your physician? It is not uncommon for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses to have bitter feelings towards their physician and to be honest, it saddens me. Good doctors do exist but some disabled people do not believe that because of countless bad experiences [...]

Chronic pain myths you need to stop believing!

When you have chronic pain all you want is relief! Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get that relief because doctors may not be able to figure out what is causing your pain so finding an effective treatment plan may be difficult. Medical advancements are making it possible for more patients to live a pain-free [...]

Disability and chronic illness bloggers you need to follow right now!

Do you love learning about various chronic illnesses and disabilities? Me too! I may have a lot of knowledge about Spina Bifida but have very limited knowledge about other chronic illnesses and disabilities because I don't have them. Disabled bloggers and chronic illness bloggers are not experts on all conditions but are only experts on [...]

Common myths about people with disabilities

When you are disabled often you hear people say things about disabilities which there is nothing wrong with but did you know some of those things are not true. Some people don't what they are talking about and they want you to believe certain things about disabilities and if you aren't educated are disability you [...]

Guest post: Chronic illness as an expat: my chronic illness story

My blog is all about educating you about different disabilities and conditions. Chronic illnesses and disabilities are very different but very important subjects so I asked my friend Alessia to tell her story about living with a chronic illness. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a daunting experience. While often not fatal, it changes [...]