Lessons I learned from my four abled sisters

There is something that you can learn from pretty much anybody whether they are disabled or abled! Not everyone will be able to give you the same type of advice because some people may have experienced certain things so they won't be qualified to give some pieces of advice. An abled person may not be … Continue reading Lessons I learned from my four abled sisters

You’re invited: Blog party

I will be hosting my first blog party on Tuesday, June 5th and if you blog about disability or chronic illness you're invited! If you work very hard on your blog and aren't getting as many views as you would like or have been trying to get more followers this is the perfect opportunity! What do … Continue reading You’re invited: Blog party

Shopping with a disability

Shopping at the mall with Karly is very different than it would be if I were to shop with an abled person. There are many things that an abled person might not think of when they go shopping that a person with a disability does. I will explain how shopping differs for Karly, and I … Continue reading Shopping with a disability