Things you could be doing that could be making a disabled person’s life harder

When you are disabled there are some things you are more aware of than abled person is because you have to be. Since abled people don't struggle as much as people with physical disabilities sometimes they make the life a person with a physical disability harder with realizing it. A disaster can happen to anyone [...]


A few things that my disability has taken from me

Whenever I am out and people see my wheelchair usually someone's first instinct is your disability doesn't define who you are or you can do anything you put your mind to. Yes, I'll give you that my disability doesn't define who I am as a person. What I will never understand is why you would [...]

Life Lessons only a disabled person can teach you

There are many life lessons that you will learn throughout your life! Some you will learn the hard way some you will never learn and continuously do the same mistake over and over again! That is the beauty of life there are so many lessons to be learned there is never a dull moment!  Both [...]

What Google can’t tell you about disability

When you are disabled or are expecting a disabled child your first instinct is usually to do a bunch of google searches and find out as much as you can about that disability. Google searches are great if you want to learn more about a disability or are trying to find a doctor that specializes [...]

Special Needs, Differently abled, Crippled? Why don’t I like these terms?

There are a lot of different terms people use to identify a disabled person but to be honest I don't like most of them. Most of the terms that are used to identify a disabled person I think are very negative and I don't prefer to identify myself in that way. People still do identify [...]

Guest post: Three times inaccessibility had a negative impact on my life

  Accessibility does not end at ramps and when you are not easily accessible for a disabled person we feel excluded and it can have a huge negative impact on us. There have been a few times when Karly has had to deal with inaccessibility and today she explains how it negatively affected her. Growing [...]

Seven things that frustrate wheelchair users

Wheelchair users are often very frustrated by some of the things that are said or done by abled people. Abled people often times don't mean to frustrate wheelchair users but more often than not that is what they end up doing without realizing it. I am only a part-wheelchair so there aren't quite as many [...]

My support system: What kind of support do you have?

When you are disabled or have chronic pain having a good support system is huge especially on those tough days! I talk about how supportive my online community is so sometimes there may be some confusion on whether or not I have supportive family and friends yes I have a very supportive family and friends! [...]

How to live life when you have problems with food textures

When you have Spina Bifida it is really common to have problems with textures of different foods. Sometimes you just can't stomach certain foods because of the texture of them and that makes it really difficult to find healthy foods that you can eat and enjoy! When I younger I used to gag on chicken because [...]

Six myths of hiring disabled people

When you are disabled it can be really frustrating to find employment! Often times when you are going into an interview as a disabled person who has some physical challenges you are often turned down because of your disability. You may have all the qualifications but because of your disability, some employers make false assumptions [...]

Life lessons you need to teach your kids about disability

Abled and disabled people should both make an effort to learn about different disabilities and educating our kids about them but unfortunately, a lot of parents do not know anyone who is disabled so they don't think it's important to educate their kids on different disabilities. Educating your children on disabilities is just as important [...]