How I deal with haters

When you start a blog or Youtube channel one of the biggest problems some content creators face is people sending them hate mail! As a content creator, you have to learn to accept that there is a possibility you could get hate mail but that doesn't mean you will get it or make it any … Continue reading How I deal with haters

What to do when you are discriminated against

When you are disabled you can expect people to say things that are rude and uncalled for. What you shouldn't have to expect is being discriminated against but unfortunately, it happens to a lot of disabled people. Most people who are abled never have the problem of being discriminated against but that may not be … Continue reading What to do when you are discriminated against

Bullies? Why you shouldn’t be one

Have you ever been bullied? Well, I have. There is a right way to handle bullies and a wrong way. If you handle them in the wrong way you will most likely make your situation worse. Here are my suggestions for handling bullying situations. Cyberbullies -These are just bullies that are mean to you on … Continue reading Bullies? Why you shouldn’t be one