The friend who caused some serious emotional damage contacted me and what she said was shocking!

As some of you know my blog exists because most all my friends were very negative and I needed a support group that was positive and supportive of my goals.  Having negative friends can make you feel depressed and affect you in more ways than you realize. One friend, in particular, stands out because we [...]


Should disabled bloggers continue to write about disability?

An abled person will never understand what it is like to live with a disability! The best person to educate you on some of the issues that we face is a person with a disability. Sometimes an abled person may not like our disability-related posts so they will send us an email asking us to [...]

Things to think about before you say “you’re so retarded”

Has a friend or family member ever offended you by the language they use? Sometimes, people, we are close to may offend us with the language they use without even realizing how wrong it is. Calling someone retarded is very offensive to the developmentally and intellectually disabled and should not be in your vocabulary. Before [...]