How I stay positive

When you are disabled or live with chronic pain sometimes it can be really difficult to stay positive. The pain will always be there so what is the point of staying positive? Nothing is going to change whether you are positive or not. Yes that may be true and you may not be able to … Continue reading How I stay positive


Prepping for hurricanes when you’re disabled

Prepping for a hurricane when you are disabled can cause a lot of anxiety. There is a lot of things disabled people have to think about that abled do not and it makes a lot of people nervous. Within the next couple of days, hurricane Dorian is expected to hit Florida(which is the area I … Continue reading Prepping for hurricanes when you’re disabled

When your feeling overwhelmed

When you have a gigantic to-do list and a limited amount of time to get everything done often times it can make you feel overwhelmed! Am I stressing for no reason and will I get everything done? If all your doing is talking about your gigantic to-list then no you won't get it all done … Continue reading When your feeling overwhelmed

How to stay well during flu season

Noone likes to take time off of work because of something like the flu and unfornately most people don’t take time off when they are  sick because they can’t afford to and may  want to us those sick days as added vacation time.  Longer vacations are always nice but if you are sick all the […]

How to kick your caffeine addiction

Do you have a caffeine addiction? If you drink more coffee than you do water you probably do! There is nothing wrong with drinking one or two cups of coffee a day but if you are drinking more coffee than water it can cause some health issues. When I was in high school, I drank … Continue reading How to kick your caffeine addiction

Simple hacks that will make living with a disability easier

When you're disabled sometimes, things can get difficult and you may have to adapt some things to make your life easier. If you are having difficulty with everyday tasks here are a few simple hacks that can help make your life easier. Lower shelves- I am a coffee drinker but when all the coffee cups … Continue reading Simple hacks that will make living with a disability easier