The friend who caused some serious emotional damage contacted me and what she said was shocking!

As some of you know my blog exists because most all my friends were very negative and I needed a support group that was positive and supportive of my goals.  Having negative friends can make you feel depressed and affect you in more ways than you realize. One friend, in particular, stands out because we [...]


How to tell your tell child they are not getting better

One of the toughest things other than being by my bedside through countless surgeries and putting my life in the hands of a physician that my parents had to discuss with me was that I was not going to get better. Most parents of disabled children will need to have this conversation because kids will [...]

Life Lessons only a disabled person can teach you

There are many life lessons that you will learn throughout your life! Some you will learn the hard way some you will never learn and continuously do the same mistake over and over again! That is the beauty of life there are so many lessons to be learned there is never a dull moment!  Both [...]

Lessons I learned from three failed friendships

When you are in high school often times you think the people you hang out with every day are going to be your life-long friends. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and most of the people you hang out with in high school you will never see again after you graduate. From my high [...]

Life lessons you need to teach your kids about disability

Abled and disabled people should both make an effort to learn about different disabilities and educating our kids about them but unfortunately, a lot of parents do not know anyone who is disabled so they don't think it's important to educate their kids on different disabilities. Educating your children on disabilities is just as important [...]

Guest post: Parenting A Child With Disabilities What Adam Has Taught Me

About the Author: Judy Mallette is the mother of three children.  She learned very early on that children, abled or disabled, teach us more than we can ever teach them. The lessons started, and will never really end, on November 16, 1981. Her son, Adam, was a child with severe developmental disabilities compounded by epilepsy, congenital [...]

Life Lessons for guaranteed happiness

Life Lessons for guaranteed happiness

Throughout my lifetime I have learned many things that have not only strengthened my friendships but made me a happier person in general. Here are a few life lessons I have learned so far: Friendships aren't everything- If a friend is making you feel bad about yourself, they aren't worth your time. There is no sense in [...]