How to survive a trip to the dentist when you hate it!

If you were to ever ask me what doctor I hate going to the most I wouldn't tell you any of my specialists(I don't mind seeing my specialists unless I know something is wrong then I might be more bothered by it ) but would say without hesitation the dentist! I have had a couple … Continue reading How to survive a trip to the dentist when you hate it!

My Goals For 2020

Happy New Year! It's New Year's Eve which means we are about to start a New Year, new decade and some of us might set some new goals.  Where has the time gone?  It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the year 2000 and now we are heading into the year 2020. How have twenty … Continue reading My Goals For 2020

How I stay healthy

Taking care of your health does not end at eating right and exercising! Eating right and exercising definitely plays a role in staying healthy and you definitely want to do that to stay healthy but it doesn't end there and as a matter of fact, many disabled people cannot exercise. They are still perfectly healthy … Continue reading How I stay healthy

The Day In The Life Of A Blogger

There is so much blogging that is not content creation! When it comes to blogging one of the biggest things I hear that is completely wrong is that blogging is just content creation and if you create more content you will grow.  This is so far from true because I know quite a few bloggers … Continue reading The Day In The Life Of A Blogger

How to recover from a large meal

Hi, all did everyone who celebrates it have a good Thanksgiving? How is it almost Christmas already where has the time gone? I feel like this year just started and now we are getting ready for Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over you might be thinking I ate way too much but it's not over … Continue reading How to recover from a large meal

How I deal with haters

When you start a blog or Youtube channel one of the biggest problems some content creators face is people sending them hate mail! As a content creator, you have to learn to accept that there is a possibility you could get hate mail but that doesn't mean you will get it or make it any … Continue reading How I deal with haters

Blog update

Hey all, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Today I thought I would take the time to do a little quick update on a few changes I am making on Life with Spina Bifida. A couple of weeks ago I started having more migraines so my doctor told me to double the dosage on … Continue reading Blog update

Why I’m not doing Blogtober

If you are a blogger you have probably heard of Blogtober and maybe you are thinking about doing it. For those of you who don't blog and don't know what  Blogtober is it's just like it sounds it's when bloggers all over the world write blog posts every day for the entire month of October. … Continue reading Why I’m not doing Blogtober

I found a new hobby!

Disclaimer: Today I will be reviewing a product that I purchased and ended up really enjoying. I was not compensated for buying this product or writing this review so all opinions are my own! I truly felt that this review could benefit you in some way if you are looking for a new hobby. I … Continue reading I found a new hobby!

Easy Self-Care Tips You Need To Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle!

Selfcare is extremely important for your mental health and it's crucial that we make time for it!  Often times we spend more time trying to improve the lives of others than we take for ourselves and although there is nothing with wanting to help someone in need and you should want to do that but … Continue reading Easy Self-Care Tips You Need To Incorporate Into Your Lifestyle!

Five things I would do differently if I had to start over

Writing has never been my strong suit so starting a blog would have been one of the last things I would ever think I would want to get into. I can just remember being told when I was in school that writing and grammar weren't important and I was never going to use it! Boy, … Continue reading Five things I would do differently if I had to start over

How to have a positive mindset

There is no secret that positive people are more fun to be around but to be honest sometimes it's hard to be positive. Bad things happen to good people every day sometimes it just isn't fair! Unfortunate events happen to more to some people than others and we often ask ourselves why? I can't give … Continue reading How to have a positive mindset