Positive Things Happening In My Life Right Now

When you are unable to see your friends because of social isolation it can make some people have a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of negative things going on in this world and some of us have even lost loved ones to the coronavirus so how can you stay positive … Continue reading Positive Things Happening In My Life Right Now

What are my strengths?

When you are disabled there is so much you struggle with and sometimes it can be difficult to see what you are good at. For some, they don't see it at all and get depressed because they don't think they are good at anything. Everyone has strength even disabled people! Disabled just may have different … Continue reading What are my strengths?

How I stay positive

When you are disabled or live with chronic pain sometimes it can be really difficult to stay positive. The pain will always be there so what is the point of staying positive? Nothing is going to change whether you are positive or not. Yes that may be true and you may not be able to … Continue reading How I stay positive

How to have a positive mindset

There is no secret that positive people are more fun to be around but to be honest sometimes it's hard to be positive. Bad things happen to good people every day sometimes it just isn't fair! Unfortunate events happen to more to some people than others and we often ask ourselves why? I can't give … Continue reading How to have a positive mindset