What Can I Do For My Mom When I Am Poor?

Mother's Day is Sunday and if you have been struggling financially it might not be in the budget to get your mom a fifty dollar bouquet of flowers. Mom's love flowers and will appreciate it if you get them a nice bouquet of flowers but not everyone can afford it and if you can't don't … Continue reading What Can I Do For My Mom When I Am Poor?

What every girl really wants

This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it could benefit you in some way.¬† Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or it's your girlfriend's birthday or anniversary you want to be sure you find them the perfect gift that shows … Continue reading What every girl really wants

Shopping with a disability

Shopping at the mall with Karly is very different than it would be if I were to shop with an abled person. There are many things that an abled person might not think of when they go shopping that a person with a disability does. I will explain how shopping differs for Karly, and I … Continue reading Shopping with a disability