Calming nerves before surgery

No one likes to hear that they need surgery but unfortunately, some of us have to go through quite a few to keep our health from deteriorating!  Surgery can cause a lot of anxiety and sometimes it can be tempting to either avoid it altogether or cancel it at the last minute by coming up [...]


Things you could be doing that could be making a disabled person’s life harder

When you are disabled there are some things you are more aware of than abled person is because you have to be. Since abled people don't struggle as much as people with physical disabilities sometimes they make the life a person with a physical disability harder with realizing it. A disaster can happen to anyone [...]

The struggle of shoe shopping with Spina Bifida

  Shoe shopping struggles are real when you have a physical disability like Spina Bifida! If you are abled you may find it enjoyable but when you have a physical disability you will find it a little more stressful and slightly less enjoyable. When I go shoe shopping with another abled person I am actually [...]

How I know you are lying about your Spina Bifida diagnosis

Sometimes when I am talking with another wheelchair user the first thing that comes to mind is "I also have Spina Bifida. Some people think that if we have the same disability we can connect better with each and will have more to talk about. What some people don't realize is when you are lying [...]

Have you been shamed for taking medication?

When you are disabled or chronically ill taking medication will most likely be part of your life. Medications are what you need to functions but unfortunately, most people who aren't disabled or chronically ill don't understand that. All they see is us popping pills so they will start asking us questions like have you tried [...]

A few things that my disability has taken from me

Whenever I am out and people see my wheelchair usually someone's first instinct is your disability doesn't define who you are or you can do anything you put your mind to. Yes, I'll give you that my disability doesn't define who I am as a person. What I will never understand is why you would [...]

How teachers can better connect with their disabled students

When I was in school I always felt left out because there was always some activity I couldn't do. Very rarely were their appropriate modifications so most of the time I just ended up watching my classmates do some fun activity.  Finding friends was difficult because my classmates always thought I was the weird girl [...]

How to create a fitness routine when you’re disabled

  Finding a fitness routine when you are abled is difficult but when you are disabled it can be even more challenging. For that reason, some disabled people don't work out because it's such a hassle. Sometimes a disabled person will put more effort into finding the right workout routine and less time enjoying the [...]