Guest Post: Review of Mass Transit In New York City

Today's guest post was written by¬† Brendan Birth a young professional who is pursuing a career in advocacy and passionate about multiple forms of discrimination and injustice. In his spare time, he likes to serve his home church, track major snowstorms and hurricanes, follow multiple sports, and make lots of puns. You can connect and … Continue reading Guest Post: Review of Mass Transit In New York City

Traveling With Chronic Pain

Next week I am leaving to go on vacation and don't get me wrong I love visiting family but I hate traveling! I don't think I know someone who hates traveling more than I do and now since living with chronic pain, I hate it even more! There are so many things that I have … Continue reading Traveling With Chronic Pain

When you are unable to travel

When was the last time you thought to yourself I need a vacation! When an abled person has this thought they can easily plan a vacation without having any physical limitations stand in your way. That may not be the case if you are disabled because some people with disabilities are not able to travel. … Continue reading When you are unable to travel